unique but not alone

Why God Does Not Exist

This is definitive proof that God does not exist.


Dank and Full of Memes

So the topic of this blog post is - I spend WAY too much time on the internet. And lots of you can probably relate.

I Talk Too Much

I talk WAY too much. Seriously, if Alexander Hamilton was reincarnated as a human in 2017, my bet is that I AM THAT REINCARNATION. IT'S THAT BAD.

The Desert Island Discs Tag?

So I was nominated by the very lovely, very gorgeous gecko online to do this tag!

Introspective Beats

Listen up, children. This is an important post. It's time to talk about... MUSIC!

daydream no.1

so the english language is actually so weird. and it must be so hard to learn.

A Letter to Twenty One Pilots

I WENT TO EMOTIONAL ROADSHOW! Yes, with my irl best friend thegirlwithnoname we both went to see the twenty one pilots concert and it was literally the best night of our lives. So, what did we do? Well, the following morning we decided that it would be a good idea to write a letter to Josh and Tyler telling them how amazing they and the show was.

Mystery Blogger Award

Anyway, hey everyone, its me and I have been nominated for another award by the amazin, the beautiful, the fantasic thegirlwithnoname! Seriously, I've been blogging for about a month and this girl is nominating me for awards all over the place. Thanks bub!

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